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Translation Update

One of my tasks as a Field Coordinator is to be a link between US funding organizations and the field managing organization who oversees the projects.So my first step for the Margi Tiwi nga Tum (Margi) team (*see below for more info on this translation team) is to ensure they have a suitable managing organization. In addition to the Bible translation work being setback by the effects of terrorism, the Margi translation project is not able to function at 100% capacity because – through no fault of their own – they are currently affiliated with a managing partner organization that is not providing any services to them. They recently approached a different Nigerian based organization and asked if they could help them but were told that this second organization doesn’t have the personnel capacity to take on one more project. The search is on….
They also need to continue to develop organizationally in order to present their project for consideration of funding. One of my favorite aspects …

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