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We were at Laundry Love and just 30 minutes before closing time a gentleman arrived with 3 small bags of laundry. I approached him to explain that he had missed the 8:45 PM deadline for the last load to go in the washers. I invited him back the second Wednesday of next month. I'm sure, that I was confusing him... as he said he came to this laundromat every few days. He then explained to me that he needed to wash his white shirt for work the following day... Once I realized that he wasn't aware that we offer free laundry the second Wednesday every month, I told him, that since he was paying for his own laundry, he could go ahead as long as he was aware the laundromat closed at 10 PM. It wasn't until I heard him talking to someone else a few minutes later that I realized he was from West Africa... right about that time he was answering a question from someone else, he said he was from Nigeria!
My ears then perked up!

As soon as his washing machine was started, I continued m…

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