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What does success in Bible Translation look like?”

Twenty some years ago work began on the Ika new testament in southern Nigeria.  After persevering through many struggles and heartache, the new testament was published in 2010 and the old testament translation was begun.
When John became a field coordinator in 2015, the Ika old testament project was turned over to him to manage.During his time working with this team he has come to see that success in Bible translation is more than putting accurate words on a page so people can read Scripture in their own language. He now believes that the marks of a successful Bible translation can be seen in how it affects many areas of a society.  Here are some ways this has looked for the Ika people:
Pastor Daniel and his wife Hope travel around Ika land preaching and showing the Jesus film. They have many stories to tell of salvation and healing during these gatherings as well as the challenges they face, especially since their motorcycle was stolen.Currently the Ika community is working to get th…

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