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This is Progress!

Have you ever wondered how much progress we are making in ending BiblePoverty?
It took 67 years (1934-2001) before SIL completed its 500th New Testament. Since then, there has been an astounding increase in the pace of Bible translation. It only took an additional 17 years before the 1,000th NT was completed. We rejoice as we reflect on the work of our colleagues and partners around the world. This is work which God has clearly blessed. I looked up some statistics, it's encouraging to see how much has happened since we joined Wycliffe. Praise God for what He continues to do through all of us around the world. In 1983 we became Wycliffe missionaries, the same year the 200th NT was completed, it was the Hanga language of Ghana.  

Now, fast-forward to our 35th year serving in Wycliffe and the 1000th New Testament was published for the Keliko people in South Sudan!

In 2011 there were: 471 complete BiblesScripture existed in 2696 of 6837 known languages2040 languages (estimated 350 m…

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