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Our Changing World (part 1)

Changing Translation Models for our Changing World
How Bible translation is accomplished continues to be improved as new technologies, better research and updated methodologies are implemented.  Johns work with language projects is based on what Wycliffe is calling the "Common Framework" model, which is currently accepted across the major organizations doing Bible translation, transforming the way projects are planned and launched.   Two of the most basic ideas of this model are ownership by the most local expression of the church (the one we’ll write about this month), and accelerated impact based on the sharing of Scripture portions packaged in easily accessible forms (which we’ll write about at a later date).
When Wycliffe started in 1942, most translation projects were for isolated people groups with little education and knowledge of the outside world. The first task for many of our early translators was to convince people that they needed God’s Word (usually a New Testa…

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