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One thing we really enjoyed on our recent vacation was delicious Indonesian & Surinamese food!    (and I can't find any pictures of us eating it) 

There was a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi recently which is still in the news.   Up to 5000 people are unaccounted for. 
This has affected Bible translation as you can imagine:
Sulawesi earthquake update Indonesia [2018-10-02]

Five organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance are active in Bible translation in the Central Sulawesi region of Indonesia, where on Friday September 28, an earthquake with magnitude 7.5 and an accompanying tsunami caused major damage to the city of Palu and many surrounding towns and villages. As of Tuesday October 2, the reported death toll was 1235 and expected to rise further. All Wycliffe-affiliated expatriate workers have safely evacuated to another city away from the damaged area, but not all co-workers from local organizations have been accounted for. The GPID church synod, suffered…

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