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Safe arrival in Accra

Change in travel plans!

African Open House Today (Huntington Beach)

October Praise and Prayer Requests

African Open House (Huntington Beach)

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Quotes from the quote board of Ghana Discovery 2008

Another Ghana trip?

It's all about the food

Mexican Independence Day

What is actually risky?

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a baby girl is born...

International Sports Ministry in Accra

Home Touch Restaurant Accra

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Traveling in Ghana

World Malaria Day

Malaria Kills

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Nightlife in Tamale

Republic Day Ghana style

fufu proclaimed best Dagomba food

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June 16th update

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Accra discovery day 1

team leaders meet at LAX

Solomon Islands

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Help send Lea on Discovery

World Malaria Day

Now we'll see who checks this thing when we are not in Ghana....

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Happy 51st Independence day Ghana

2008 Discovery trips are almost full

You're invited to African Dinner Open House


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