Nightlife in Tamale

I mentioned that there is one Discovery intern in Tamale due to some conflict in the area that the language project he is working on is located... so he and I get together to talk and process what he is experiencing... things like God using suffering in peoples lives for their growth, things like poverty, justice, community, family and what we can learn about ourselves and God when we experience or see things that don't make sense with our worldview of a Good and loving God... The conversations are stimulating and help us.
While on the street that night, I met one of our Discovery mentors from our 2003 trip. The last time I saw Rachel#2 she was schooling in Accra... it was good to re-connect. It also gave me hope that Tamale is still somewhat of a small town, even with all the growth and development that is making it into a big city... running into friends and people calling out "mr wumbee" brings a smile to my face.


le13anna said…
what are you eating here?

is it a coconut?

i'm trying to zoom in....
Yep, we're drinking coconuts;-)

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