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Merry Christmas from us at Wycliffe Bible Translators

Are there 2 Josephs in the story?


Trauma Healing in Africa

Adventure Race


Arizona Trip

Da Jesus Book

Groundnut Soup Sunday


10 things you didn't know about Burkina Faso

Bible Translation may be more than you think it is...


Discovery Mentor Weekend

Discovery team bus trip Accra to Tamale

Baby Olive has God Parents

Discovering the Beauty around us

Embedding the work of Bible Translation in the African Context

Ramsey Update

Back in California!

Mere hours left of Discovery

Getting ready to travel

Discovery prayer update!

All together again in Tamale!

Prepping for debrief

Nearing the end of ministry projects

Brings back memories.....8-)

Friday update

Tuesday in Tamale

Tamale Night On The Town

Orientation narrative in the words of one of our participants

Ghana Discoverers 2011

Discovery Orientation

Participants safe arrival

So much to be thankful for


Prayer request

Enjoying Ghana!

Safe Travel


The time is almost here!

Ghana Discovery 2011: current plans and answered prayers

A little bit of craziness

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Thinking about food

Choosing joy in May

Sit back and enjoy the journey!