Friday update

I have talked to each of the teams in the last 24 hours, and am happy to report that all are doing very well.  Most of them report that language learning seems to be more challenging for them than culture learning, but they are persevering!  Our lady who was sick is doing much better, and she and her partner are looking forward to going to visit a village the beginning of next week; also the ladies who asked for prayer for lady friends began some such friendships the next day.  They were very encouraged to “see” an opportunity within 24 hours of my saying we would be praying for that; just shows once again how much your prayers are valued and how much they help.


On our family front, I just talked to Leanna and Jordan; she arrived in Accra just a couple of hours ago.  John has texted that he is doing well meeting with the various house churches he went down south to see, and is hoping to travel home tomorrow.  Not sure if he will be able to make it in one day or not, but he will see how far he can get.  I am feeling and doing great, making my way little by little through various office tasks before my family arrives.


Thanks so much for your prayers….hope you have a most wonderful weekend!




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