Ghana Discovery 2011: current plans and answered prayers

A new hard drive is currently making it's way from Orlando to HB; estimated (hoped for!) arrival  time: by 10:30 tomorrow morning.  We have been so thankful for your prayers; a program that was crucial to our getting our prayer letters out was still operable in some ways...and the Lord has given me (Shevawn in particular) great peace and joy as He has helped us find ways to work around/get things done that need to be done.  Please do keep praying...especially for John and Jay as they install the new hard drive and try to make everything operable tomorrow and Saturday.

The rest of todays blog enrty is an excerpt from our most recent prayer letter - minus the photo that is not cooperating 8-(

As we prepare for our 2011 Discovery trip to Ghana, we often think of how blessed we are to get to do this yet an-other year. 18 months ago, when Shevawn experienced a neurological episode indicative of Multiple Sclerosis, we wondered how this would affect our ministry. We thank God that He has chosen to continue strengthening us and enabling us so that this year both of us will again be able to go to Ghana and lead a team together. With her Dr’s agreement, we go forward in faith that no matter what happens, God is with us and will work for His glory and our good.

As you know, every trip is different. Here are a but a few of the distinctives of this years trip plans:

All of our foreign students are female and from either the US or Canada; when we arrive, we hope to add 3 Ghanaian ladies and 4 Ghanaian men to complete our team.

Wisdom Edzesi – an alumni from our 2004 trip- will be taking time off of work in order to be our co-leader this year for his first time.

Another first; we plan to send 2 or more par-ticipants to Burkina Faso during their lan-guage project time. (In 2008, we sent a team to Benin, so this will be the second time Ghanaian Discovery participants will work outside of Ghanaian borders.)

John will take a week during the time the participants are out in their different language projects to do his consulting work for The Well church. This will involve his traveling to southern Ghana and interacting with church leaders there. In the past, John has stayed a week after the Discovery trip ended in order to do this, which meant he had to go through the extra work and expense of having his visa extended… so this year we are going to see if it is possible to do this during the four weeks we spend recovering from orientation and prepar-ing for debrief.

Our daughter Leanna is going to Ghana for several weeks this summer to hang out with her brother Jordan, who has recently completed a one year program at a Ghanaian theological institute. They will be traveling around the country during her visit...but we anticipate getting to spend some time with them too!


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