Orientation complete

We completed orientation on Thursday and by Friday evening, all our Diskies had traveled.  Some of them had a looong journey back through Accra overnight then expected to arrive in the Volta region on Saturday.  Our Benin team departed Tamale on Wednesday morning and are now enjoying their French speaking host families in Cotonou.


One of our participants has created a team quote board and I will try to share some classics with you from time to time… for now, I am on the board with “You have to be flexible” and that has been true for both leaders and participants.

The final participant count remains at 8 American/Europeans and 5 Ghanaians.  The assignments are as follows:

Benin Scripture Use project; Hanna, Emma, Bernice.   

Chumburuung language project research; Tim, Peter, Fred. 

Avatime language project; Heather, Lea. 

Volta Region Multi Language Project (VRMP); Sammi, Rose. 

Sisaala Old testament translation & literacy project; Lisa, Esther. 

Kusaal orthography/dictionary project; Jacob.  (this one is exciting to me as it was our 1st Dagomba Discovery participant who served in this language project after his Discovery trip and identified a “vowel problem” which made it hard for the Kusaasi people to read their language… and now Jacob will hopefully be able to assist with correcting the problem


We are all grateful for your prayers and God’s favour to date we’ve enjoyed:

Great team relationships with us coming from more than 6 different cultures!

All team members have risen to the challenge to embrace the great variety that is God’s people. 

Divine appointments;-)

Safe and uneventful travel and good health.


Please pray for our team as everyone requests:

good Cross Cultural relationships and unity with their hosts, ministry supervisors, neighbors, community and everyone they meet. 

Wisdom & knowledge from above as well as humility as they serve & learn

Courage to jump into the culture


choosing joy in Tamale,



"So den he tell his guys, “Eh! Da peopo jalike da crop. Get plenny crop fo bring inside, but no mo nuff works guys fo do um.  Dass why you guys gotta aks da boss guy who own da crop fo send da workera guys fo bring um in.”

Da Hawaii Pidgin Bible

Mat 9:37, 38



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