The Proclaimer

Today while my mission teammates took an overnight trip to Mole National park, I remained in Tamale to re-connect with Ghanaian "family" & friends... then today I led a small workshop on how to use the "Proclaimer" which is an mp3 player specially designed for mother tongue Bible listening groups... these particular Proclaimers are pre-loaded with the Dagbani New Testament and can be powered by hand crank, solar or AC power adapter.

We will be doing much travel in the next 4 days as we move from Tamale to Oda to Accra, then fly to LAX via Frankfort.

As usual, your partnership in our ministry is a great joy in our lives. thanks!
-mr wumbe


Anonymous said…
We thank God for all His mercies and good opportunities to share Jesus love. We pray God will prosper and make grow all those "little" seeds being planted.

Claudia Lopez
Anonymous said…
It is SUCH a joy to get these updates. I love you both, and am so excited to hear about what is being done, and even the neat ways in which technology is being used to spread God's language. I'm praying for you, dear wumbes.
with all my heart,

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