Accra update

Some Discovery alumni have been visiting us in Accra and it is always a joyful reunion to see ourselves again.

The luggage arrived in Accra from SEA-TAC last night so Tim & Lisa had clean clothes today;-)

I had a phone call from the GILLBT director this morning saying the appointment to be on-air with Sunny FM today was too impromptu so she would call them to arrange it for late July when the Discovery team gets back to Accra.

The total Ghana Discovery team count is still at 8 "foreign" and 5 Ghanaian participants.

plans... today our team is making friends with people at Makola market,
we are traveling by Benz bus on Friday from Accra to Tamale,
Saturday & Sunday will be spent with local mentors from the Tamale metropolitan area;-)
and depending on internet conditions and our fatigue... you may not hear from us for a few days as everyone prepares for further travel to our project areas as far away as Benin this year!

We are all tired but choosing joy in serving...
you will know how to pray for us, eh? and we're praying for our friends back home too.


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