team leaders meet at LAX

Claudia & I (John) met for our 1st face to face meeting for the 2008 Ghana Discovery team on 5th June at LAX... Shevawn was involved in this planning session, but didn't make it into this picture.
When we changed planes in London, I was expecting to meet my friend Sylvester Nkrumah who was planning to fly home on the same flight as us... and we did meet up;-) but I was also surprised to meet up with Joe G. whose travel to Accra was delayed one day, so we were also on the same flight... Having so many friends on the flight sure made it seem shorter than it was.
Anyway, we all arrived safely (with all our luggage) in Accra, and now we spend the weekend getting caught up on our sleep, recharging our relational batteries and then prepare the final pieces for our Ghanaian team's arrival on Monday and our foreign interns on Tuesday.

choosing joy under African skies,
mr wumbe


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