Help send Lea on Discovery

There is a Discovery applicant from Slovakia this year who comes highly reccomended by the Wycliffe Slovakia Director... but she is very late in applying and now is in need of an air-ticket and support. Here are a few words from her, and then at the end of this post I will give instructions for donating in case you can help.

" I come again and this time with a first "problem". As I only started to tell my friends about Discovery, I have not yet together the necessary amount to buy an air ticket which is prior to get Visa. Therefore I'd like to ask you, whether you would have the possibility to lend me some money so I can buy my airticket and apply for visa already next week. I really need to rush. Also I don't think I will be able to take the same flight as the rest of the team. It's far too expensive..... But my question is here, how am I going to join you guys?
I do trust God that he will open the hearts of the people and I will be able to collect all what I need. It's not an easy thing as the Slovak people still believe that we are the ones in need, people should be giving us money, since they compare themselves with western Europe or America. But in God, all things are possible!
John, I'm sorry to be a trouble even before our mission has started, but this how the situation looks like at the moment....
Yours in God

I think the easiest way to give for Lea's Discovery trip is online.
You will have to register or set up an account for yourself so you can "shop" at (click "login" on top left of home page)
then here is where you can make a donation:
leave the acct number blank, use "Discovery-Lea" for both first and last names;-)
as you "check out" you can make it a one time or recurring gift...
then when you get to the billing portion...
scroll down and make it an "electronic check" rather than a credit card which costs us 3% but electronic check is free for us all...
(if you must give with credit card, then go for it)

OR... you could send a real check made out to Wycliffe with a note "for Discovery-Lea" and mail to:

Accounting Discovery
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando FL 32862-3600



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