Prayer for our Discoverers during their ministry phase...

Tamale and Teams
We arrived safely in Tamale last Friday after a long (14 hour) bus ride.  We have been at the GILLBT guesthouse in Konvilli, a suburb of Tamale, this week.  Things have been very busy, filled with team meetings and times for language and culture learning.  On Tuesday we received our assignments for the next month, so we have also been busy preparing for those.
Our assignments mean that our team of 11 is spreading out across the Northern Region to work hands-on with the Bible translation and literacy projects.  (Below you can see the specifics.)  The teams left early this morning, and our main means of communication with each other will be through short-wave radio.
Please continue to pray for us as we live experience village life and continue to learn about culture.  Also, we will be staying with Ghanaian host families, so please pray for them and the relationships that we will form.
Buipe Team
Clemence and Matthew are travelling to Buipe to work with the Gonja language project.  They will be typesetting, teaching English, computer training, and desktop publishing.  Please pray for energy while language learning, for love, peace, and understanding, and for God's guidance during and after this summer.
Cheriponi Team
Cheriponi is the home of the Anufo language project.  It will also be home for Claire and Elizabeth for the next month.  They will be , , and .  Please pray that they maintain focus on God and that they will love their ministry in the village.  And that they don't get malaria.
Mandari Team
Holly and Patricia will be serving the Safaliba language project located in Mandari.  While they are there, they will be working with literacy classes, back-translation, and linguistic analysis, among other things.  They ask for prayers for wisdom, direction, and strength.
Tamale Team
Clement, Michael, and I will remain in Tamale, working at the main GILLBT office.  Although there are countless things to be done, our first task is entering data from surveys about Scripture needs and usage.  Living in the city will mean that we won't have to give up some of the luxuries the other teams are losing, things like electricity and phones.  We are praying that we remain faithful and focus on what needs to be done, instead of hiding behind the distractions of city life.
Tuna Team
Awo and Charlene are heading west from Tamale to Tuna, where the Vagla language project is underway.  Some of their jobs include typesetting, teaching, and GPP work.  Pray for unity in their team and good relationships.  Pray that Christ's power be shown in their weaknesses.

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