Some new praise and prayer requests

*Praise that we are now able to receive our e-mail (which is particularly
important to John as he works on setting up DISCOVERY trips for 2006 as well
as dealing with other administrative "stuff".

*John and I would appreciate your prayers for us as we feel like we have a
lot of office work type pressures....and one computer to share! Plus we
want to take time to enjoy people here....and rest up well for debrief so we
can be patient and loving throughout two weeks of living in close quarters
with 13 other people.

*The Tamale Trio (Lamptey, Michael and Daniel, who are assigned to work
here at the Tamale office) have traveled to Banda today through Saturday to
participate in the launching of a Faith come by Hearing project in the
Chumburung language.

*The Mandari team will be moving on Friday to a new location (this was part
of the plan!) Please pray for them as they make this transition and for
friendship building in their new location.

*The Tuna team is traveling over the weekend...

*The Chereponi team says they are having lots of fun....and would like
prayer that they use their time wisely.

*The Buipe team phoned on Monday (they are not on the radio) and we learned
they were well before we lost the connection.....


Anonymous said…
Hey there you two! Just wanted to say "Hi" and say we are thinking about you over there, and praying for you'all. :)


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