It's been a week.....

and for those of you who thought you would surely have gotten an e-mail or phone call from us by now, weeelllllll......

Many of you probably don't know that the day after we returned from Ghana we began attending a 2 1/2 day Leadership Conference with other leaders from Seabreeze (so we did get to sleep in our own bed at least!)  Now we are busy unpacking, buying groceries.....and dealing with computer issues!   Towards the end of our trip, we discovered that my work e-mail had somehow gotten "corrupted", then on Friday we discovered that the hard drive in Johns computer had crashed.  All this in addition to a backlog of e-mail explains why ....unless you are among the faithful who read this probably haven't heard from us yet! 8-)

This coming Saturday we are having an Open House for our supporters/friends in the So Cal area so they can hear about our trip this year; we would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for that and that we would be able to communicate clearly what we have seen God doing and be an encouragement to all who come.   The next week Jordan comes back, and since Leanna is here as well, we are really looking forward to the four of us all being in the same local for a bit.  We plan to spend the next few weeks really focusing on our family, so even though it might be September before you hear from us individually  we will try to keep communicating through this blog.

Before I sign off, we do want to thank you so much for your prayers regarding our finances; July we had 110% of our support quota (AMAZING for a summer month!)  and August looks very good so far as well.   We thank the Lord....and each one of you who have been His vehicle of blessing to us!


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