Long Road Trip

Hi Friends,
Just a short note tonight at 9;30 PM Ghana time to let you all know that the Discovery team has arrived by road from Tamale- via - Mole Game Reserve - Kumasi - to the GILLBT Accra Guest House.  We are all very dirty, dusty, tired and satisfied.  We are deep into Debrief... and tonight we're all encouraged by the example of Moses when God sent him from exile in Midian back home to Egypt... a sort of Re-Entry which we are also preparing our team for.  

We depend on your prayers!  Thanks so much.

choosing joy in Africa,
mobile phone in Ghana 011/233 244 10 1967

"I love to live on the brink of eternity."
           - David Brainerd


Monica said…
Dearest Wumbes!!
Just thinking of you and praying for you as I read this, and praying with longing for your re-entriers and their stories... This site has been such a joy to read through. It makes me ache for there and for both of you, and for the company of those that are with you..
Be encouraged and take heart- there are many lifting you up.
With sincere affection and stored-up moni-hugs,
your 'little brazilian'

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