We're back in HB!

We arrived a little over four hours ago, and we're doing some unpacking in an effort to keep ourselves up for a few more hours to help reset our body clocks (it's almost 5:30 pm here....which is 1:30m am in the UK, where we left frm this morning. ) We had  a wonderfully refreshing time in England; we slept a lot and walked around neighboring villages and explored; it was a great ending to a great trip!   Thanks so much for your prayers; we appreciated them so much!  We'll do our best to give you more news (and maybe some photos too) after we get fully back into the swing of things.

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Corey Adams said…
Hey John,
Glad you got back safely. It is good to hear about Africa. PNG Discovery was great too. Can't wait to go back fulltime! Keep in touch.

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