Prayer Requests

As I've been working on our next prayer letter, it's occurred to me that it's been quite awhile since we sent you a prayer update via e-mail.  I'm hoping that you are occasionally checking out our website, as we have been trying to post news and photos on there several times a month; for those of you who have forgotten where that's at, you can check it out on   Meanwhile, here's what's new with the Ramseys:

John: He continues to deal with a lot of changes both in Wycliffe USA and in DISCOVERY; the pressures are increasing on him daily.  Please pray for wisdom, strength and courage for John.  And (of course!) that he will continue to choose joy.

Shevawn: One of the things I really like about our two months in Ghana is that my life is so focused; it's all about leading DISCOVERY and our relationships in Ghana.  Now that I'm back in Southern California, it's back to spinning a number of plates as I juggle distinctly different jobs in the office as well as various types of relationships here and in other parts of the country.  Please pray that I will practice much of what I learned during my sabbatical last year so I can continue to enjoy His peace in the midst of the frenzy.

Leanna: Since we left for Ghana, she has gotten a car, her drivers license and a job in our area.  She will be working for the Jumpstart program which works with preschoolers and parents who don't have access to pre schools (such as the homeless, teen moms, and Spanish and Korean speakers, moms on welfare etc.) to help prepare them for school and to help them get connected to health care and other resources.  Currently she is staying with us, sharing our 2nd bedroom with her brother and beginning to look for a place of her own.

Jordan: The Peace Corp assignment Jordan received didn't begin until the end of the year, so Jordan decided to change course.  He has accepted a teaching job in S Korea teaching English to Korean children (much like his sister did last year) and hopes to depart the beginning of next month.  We are really enjoying this time while the four of us are all together in one place!

Additional  prayer requests for us include:
  • Wycliffe USA is looking for a Short term missions coordinator to coordinate both DISCOVERY and GetGlobal, another short term missions program for young people.  Please pray for the right person to fill this position.
  • The Wycliffe USA communications department is working on a new web site.  Because of this, they are unable to provide updates on the existing web site for the next 6 months.  They will be able to provide a link on our existing DISCOVERY page that will enable John to post info on the 2006 trips....  please pray for John as he works on this web project...and that these issues will not keep the people God is leading in this direction from finding out about DISCOVERY trips.
  • We do want to thank you so much for your prayers regarding our finances; in July and August we reached 110% of our support budget.   We thank the Lord....and each one of you who have been His vehicle of blessing to us!  We do ask for continued prayer in this area, however, as the additional support for both of these months were one time we are still in need sources of consistent additional support.

Thanks so much for your prayers and the many ways you express your love to us!

In His love;

Shevawn & John


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