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Preparing for debriefThanks so much for your continued prayers for our strength and support. As we are busy preparing for debrief. I find myself thanking God each day for our good health and that we are able to work hard each day. Yesterday I had a bit of a sore throat, which is totally gone today.....and traveling from Accra back to Tamale I developed an eye infection that was getting worse quickly....but God provided a Chemist shop near our buses last rest stop, so we were able to purchase some eye drops for me and begin treatment that night, before it got too bad. So other than the inconvenience of blurred vision (since I'm not able to wear one contact until the treatment is completed) it has not hindered me from getting done what needs to be done, I am so thankful.and grateful for so many blessings!

This morning John and I spent an hour and a half meeting with GILLBT's personnel manager and the Scripture in Use manager (whom Solo works under) hearing about some of the issues they are identifying regarding scripture usage in Ghana, as well as progress that is being made. We also talked quite a bit about funding issues, especially as to how it relates to DISCOVERY participants. We came up with some ideas which we hope will help increase involvement with the Ghanaian alumni who do not go on to serve with GILLBT. After seeing how many of our American alumni were eager to support Roma and Katya so that they could come this year on DISCOVERY, we are hopeful that Ghanaian alumni would also respond positively to supporting some of their alumni whom GILLBT would like to hire on. We plan to present this idea (and some others as well 8-) at the alumni dinner we will host in Accra on Wednesday August 2nd.

So, let me close with a few prayer requests:
For God to provide new and bountiful ways of funding those Ghanaian alumni who reach an agreement re: continuing to work with GILLBT after their DISCOVERY trip.
John and Solo are still working on arranging our transport and accommodations at Mole and Kumasi for July 26-28. Please pray that things will come together.
There is currently a shortage of bottled gas here in Tamale, which we use for our stove. Next week I had hoped to/planned on doing some baking for our travel food as well as treating our good friends Pastor Johnson Asare and his family to what has now become our annual pizza night. So I would appreciate prayer for that (maybe not a need, but most definitely a desire).
Pray that God will fill all of us with His agape love for each other for the final two weeks of debrief! This is the longest time we are all together, in close quarters, and is usually when everyone's idiosyncrasies can begin to grate on each other. Plus, the second week we tend to get tired....which can make us all a bit more vulnerable to being irritable. So we really appreciate your prayers for our team unity as we end our time together.

In His service;

Shevawn (John too!)


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