It's time for us to take a vacation! It's been a rather quiet week here managing the Accra Guest House. We seem to have been affected by the recent terrorist plot that was thwarted, in that some of the reservations at the Guest House were cancelled as people changed or delayed their plans. So the work of managing the Guest House has been fairly light.....especially since the staff here is so capable. They have done an excellent job of taking care of the day by day tasks that are involved in a place like this on their own, as well as guiding us when we don't know certain aspects of the work here. We have been blessed to work with them! Because things have been pretty quiet here, we have been able to spend a lot of time working on various DISCOVERY tasks this week. It's been great to have time to tie up lose ends; to be able to analyze the trip and communicate with our co-workers here in Ghana about things that went well as well as discuss ideas on ways to improve for next year. Usually, these sorts of things get put off as we return to our desks in the US and have so much work backlogged to deal with; it feels really good to be able to do a better job of wrapping things up from this end before returning. So good that we are making plans to stay a week longer after our teams departure next year. Sooooo.....beginning tomorrow, with the anticipated return of the Accra Guest House manageress and her family, John and I are going to take a one week vacation and enjoy Accra. We are tired.....and Accra was always one of our favorite places to vacation when we lived here in we are really looking forward to our week! After that, we are scheduled to begin our journey back to SoCal on Monday Aug we probably will not update the blog again until the very end of August. Thank you so much to each of you who has taken the time to read our updates and pray for us throughout our time here; you are a real blessing to us! In His love; Shevawn & John
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Really cool picture! (I stole it for my desktop...I hope that is ok). Rachel

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