May update

It's May.....which means I am currently in the "I can't possibly get it all done before we leave" stage of preparing for our Discovery trip.   If memory serves me well (and this was confirmed by my walking partner just this afternoon)  this stage is due to last several weeks....but we will come out of it with breathing room in June.   Although that's hard to envision now!  8-)

I think the reason that May is so hard is because we feel like we need to be totally immersed in the Discovery office in order to be able to get everything done - yet we still have relationships and responsibilities that we can't put on hold while we are physically present in the U.S.   We are blessed with so many wonderful relationships here that support us, encourage us and are just plain fun and rejuvenating for us.....however, balancing time with others and our work load, with adequate self care (so we leave here in good shape and well rested) is the challenge for this time of year!

So, how can you pray for us?  Here are a few suggestions:
  • That we will rest in God/trust in Him each day, breathing and choosing joy instead of discouragement.
  • Wisdom to see what we can delegate....and to whom.  
  • Insight as to what  we need to let go of....or make do with the way it is.
  • Also, in addition to the usual chaos of this time of year, WBT USA is changing our e-mail system from Lotus notes to Outlook any day now.   Pray for patience for us, that nothing truly important would get lost (mercy!) and that the change would not interfere in our ability to communicate with people this summer

Thanks so much for your prayers!

In His love;  Shevawn & John



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