Back home in Tamale!

I know it has been a long time since our last blog update; the guest house we stayed at in Accra did not have internet, (which is why we sent a blog update only once during our time in Accra) and once we hit Tamale we are so immersed in Orientation that communication that is not team related is put on hold.  I have been journaling though, so after the team departs for their various assignments, I will try to share some of our stories.  But for now, here are the highlights:
  • We have a great team that we are really enjoying working with!  The team mix is not as gender balanced as we are use to (5 Ghanaian guys/3 Ex-pat guys; 5 Ex-pat gals/2 Ghanaian gals) but they are bonding really well.        
  • We had a great trip from Accra to Tamale (smooth and uneventful, which makes me so happy!) with one of our favorite drivers, American Nash.
  • Our stay at the Assemblies of God guest house in Accra ( the first time for us) was very nice......and the Tamale GILLBT Guest House and GILLBT office staff were eagerly awaiting our arrival.  They had so many things ready for us; things we normally request after we get here were ready and waiting (I guess we are pretty predictable!)
  • Michael Serchie and his wife Henrietta are wonderful co-leaders; we are really enjoying leading with them.
  • On a personal note, John and I are having a blast!  Laughing a lot with our team..... taking 10 minutes here and there to sit on the verandah and enjoy being reunited with our many friends and colleagues here in Tamale.

Yesterday we gave the team their various ministry assignments, and they are now working on the preparations they need to make in order to travel on Friday 22 June.  Please pray for them as they prepare.....and as they travel in pairs to their various locations on different types of transportation.   All four of us leaders would appreciate your prayers for sustained energy (it is currently very warm and humid in Tamale, and Michael and Henrietta are battling colds.)

I will write more after the team departs.  Thanks so much for your prayers.......they make a real difference!

In His love;


Anonymous said…
Hey Shevawn, it's a strange feeling to follow up the trip from a very long distance, but I enjoy it, even it makes me feel a bit nostalgic...

Praise God you had a non event trip to Tamale this time. So far it looks like every trip has its own “mark”, like the proportion of male and female participants… I wonder how would you manage to make the teams this time ???

Thanks for sharing with us, and I wish you can upload a picture in the next communication.

In prayer,

Claudia in Mexico

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