Discovery 2007 comes to an end

Yesterday we said good-bye to our Discovery participants as they each began their journeys home, and this afternoon, after our leaders debrief, Michael left as well.  That leaves John and I here at the Accra Guest House, where we will keep busy the next few days interacting with Ghanaian Discovery alumni and tying up as many administrative loose ends as possible before we depart on the 6th for some R&R in the UK.  And we are going to be ready for it!  Tuesday evening John also started developing a is still fairly mild at this point, and we hope it will continue that way.  My cold somehow became more severe than expected; I'm thinking I actually had some sort of respiratory infection, as I wound up flat on my back and with a fever on Sunday, leaving Michael and John to shoulder pretty much everything for a couple of days until I was back on my feet again.  I am doing much better now; thanks so much for your prayers for all three of us as we worked through the reality of a sick leader during debrief.

Updates on the other sick people of our team: Maame Bomo's malaria was severe enough that Michael called her family to come and take care of her;  they took her to the house for several days during our debrief time.....but she came back on Tuesday and was able to spend the last 24 hours of debrief with us, which we were very happy about.   Jessica continued to still not feel the best, but was optimistic that things would settle down for her when she got back home.  

So....thanks so much for your prayers throughout!  We would continue to appreciate your prayers during our remaining time in Ghana (we feel like the time we have left is just too short!) as well as for good R&R time and travel mercies.  We are due to arrive back in the U.S. the evening of August 12th; I will try my best to remember to post a blog entry the next day to let you know that we have indeed arrived.  Until then.....


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