January update


I cannot begin to tell you how encouraged we are by the way people are responding to our upcoming loss of support!   Since we first let our needs be known, God has added seven new supporters to our team, totaling $385 of increased monthly contributions.  We have a ways to go as we still lack $1115 to make up for the $1500 we will be losing beginning in April 2008, but this is such a great start!  Here are some of the stories behind the figures:


  • Our very first new supporter was a discovery alumnus who is currently serving with Wycliffe in Tanzania.  She e-mailed us in September, saying:  “I’m actually writing to let you know that I’ve decided to partner with you a little more concretely in your ministry.  I’m hoping that this small amount (that I will be giving) will help with things a bit, especially seeing as you’re losing one of your supporting churches.  I know from my own experience how important your work is, and I’m excited to be a part of your lives in this way.”     We are so blessed by her words and actions of support!
  • Our time in Tucson was also very encouraging and fruitful; while we were there, six families told us they were going to begin partnering with us financially, one couple who already supports us monthly said they will increase their current level of giving to us, and another couple asked us to pray for them as they consider how they could support us. 
  • Since we returned to Huntington Beach, one couple that currently supports us has begun doubling the amount they have been giving to our ministry monthly.


By the time you receive this, we will probably be on our way back to Arizona for another thirteen days.  We are looking forward to meeting new people as well as getting to connect with current prayer and financial supporters that we were unable to see on our previous visit.  Would you please join us in prayer that:


  • God will guide us and enable us to be able to meet with others He is preparing to begin partnering with our ministry financially.
  • For meetings we have scheduled with the Missions Committee at a Presbyterian church in Tucson and a Pastor in Prescott.  These invitations to meet were both wonderful surprises to us.
  • For John as he processes Discovery applicants (the deadline for this year’s trips is Feb 9th, so he will be answering many inquiries while we are in Tucson and then be really hit with interviews when we return.)
  • For Shevawn as she prepares to train the leaders for the 2008 Solomon Islands Discovery trip in March upon our return to California.


Thanks so much for your partnership with us!


John & Shevawn Ramsey



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