Microwave Fufu?

Some of you are fufu purists, only eating your favourite version... and I used to feel that way. In the not so distant past, only genuine pounded yam fufu with light soup was to be savored. Other versions were suspect. Until I had some coco yam/casava fufu that was delighful. I've been known to eat copious quantities of plantain/casava fufu with delight... so goes my transformation into diversity...

Well, a slippery slope indeed. While Shevawn's enjoying the frigid environment of Jeonju with our son Jordan, I'm home alone. Last night I had a friend over for some Groundnut soup and I had thought of making riceballs for the traditional Sunday meal of Omo-tuo. I did actuall start cooking the rice when I remembered the Yam fufu powder sitting in a kitchen cupboard which the rest of my family turns their nose up at. Even though we will eat powdered fufu at a California African restaurant, the illusion of the real thing is still there... but when you prepare it from powder yourself, it is harder to stomach... And you try stirring fufu on top of the stove... it takes 3 strong people and still you get mediocre lumpy fufu, not a happy situation. Last night I prepared a pretty decent microwave fufu;-) When I told my dinner guest what I had prepared, he said he'd try it, but would probably enjoy the rice even more... well we never even looked at the rice after one bite of the fufu. Click the title of this post to follow the link to video directions of how to make it. You can use instant mashed potatoes and potato starch, or a powdered fufu. I used powdered yams... suit yourself and let me know how your food experiments turn out.


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