Ramsey March Update

Things are really ratcheting up here in the Discovery office….and as we feel the pressure, I am reminded that it is once again time to send you a prayer update. We are so grateful…and dependent….on your prayers! Here are how some of the most recent requests we have given you have been answered:

• All trips are a go! Praise the Lord! We received quite a few last minute applicants, for which we are thankful.
• Rachel (the Discovery leader in Tanzania) is healing well physically from the dog attack…but would appreciate your continued prayers for her emotional healing, as she still dreams about the attack.

And here are some more prayer requests for this month:
• John is travelling to Tucson this Saturday for WBT meetings. Shevawn will be joining him next weekend to attend a 50th Wedding anniversary celebration…and since we will both be in town, we will be holding an Open House for our friends and ministry partners in Tucson. We will also be speaking at Northminster Presbyterian Church, one of the two churches who are now part of our support team. We are looking forward to these opportunities to see and express our thanks to our partners in Tucson, and would appreciate your prayers that God will use us to be an encouragement to these people who are such an encouragement to us.
• Please pray for John, Ryan and myself as we plan and coordinate all the logistics for the 2009 Discovery trips. There’s a lot going on….and we need God’s provision of strength and wisdom and joy as things continue to accelerate during the next 11 weeks before we depart.
• For our Ghana trip:
o For our Ghanaian asst leader: We are hoping Patricia will be able to help again this year, but she has a course to take sometime this summer and still does not yet know if she will be available. Please pray that God will guide all of us as we make decisions; and if Pat can’t help, that He will provide another Ghanaian lady who can. (Our ex-pat team this year only has one guy on it, so it’s pretty important we have another female leader!)
o For language projects that will be good fits for our team to agree to host Discovery participants this year.
o For the recruitment of Ghanaian participants for this year’s trip (again, we’re looking for some ladies!)

One last thing: we want to make our condo available to those who might want a So-Cal vacation while we are in Ghana this summer. We know things are tight right now for a lot of people, and we’re hopeful that having a place to stay might enable some of you who are thinking you can’t afford a vacation this summer to have one after all. If you are interested, please let us know before we go to Ghana so we can work out details; we plan to leave the beginning of June and return the beginning of August.

May God richly bless you and encourage you!


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