Tucson Visit

Last week in Catalina AZ I attended Wycliffe Recruitment leaders meetings... one day I got lots of grief because I was skypeing from my laptop rather than using a cell phone which my colleagues said was more conventional...

I guess I am more proficient on the BBQ than telephone!

After a whole week of meetings and sleeping on a sofa bed... I needed a day off, and God provided what I needed a 2 hour hike into Pima Canyon. The Sonoran desert in bloom was very refreshing for me.

My spiritual parents 50th Wedding anniversary was a great time to re-connect with family and friends.

Yes, spiritual parents come along with brothers, sisters, and plenty of extended spiritual family!

While in Tucson, I was able to spend two weekends at Northminster Presbyterian Church. It was a very encouraging time and this picture shows a big endorsement from our NPC friend Jack. Being at NPC was a really good time to meet new friends and deepen relationships with lots of others.

Ahh Yes, Shevawn was in Tucson for 3 days as well... and we had an open house with some of our best friends stopping by to greet us... as usual, there is no way to see everyone that we wanted to... but just hanging out with those who could attend was very encouraging for us. Thanks to everyone who came to hang out with us... and to those of you who couldn't come this time, we do hope to see you next time we're in town.

at the end of a full 9 days with an 8 hour drive home looming the next day... what could be better than relaxing under a Tucson sunset!


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