May prayer update



With only 5 weeks to go before John and I depart for Ghana, we have entered the crazy zone!  Many of you can relate to this experience; a time of intense preparation when you have to drop everything possible that is not essential to maintaining  life so you can focus all your energy (and then some) on a particular project with a looming deadline. 8-)  From previous experience, this is the most stressful time for John and I of the whole Discovery yearly cycle; the trip itself is much more fun!  I am going to keep this very brief, but we would like to ask for your continued prayers during the coming weeks as we continue to make hundreds of arrangements needed for several Discovery trips as well as put together a prayer letter and get that out before we depart.


Thanks so much for uplifting us at this time!


Shevawn Ramsey


PS  If you send us an e-mail from here on out and it takes us a looonnnngggg time for us to respond, please know that we do love you and will get back to you when we can! 8-)





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