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As I disengage from trip preparations in order to write this prayer
letter, I'm wondering how to best communicate about this year's Ghana
Discovery trip. All sorts of "C" words come to
mind...Crazy...Chaotic...Confusing...out of Control. 8-) The last one
came to me as I was walking the other day; and quickly thereafter, the
thought that followed was "it seems that way to you maybe...but God is
still in control! I feel like this trip has been and will continue to
be a faith builder for us, as we trust Him to do so much that we
normally at least think that we are able to do.

One of the main reasons things feel so chaotic this year is that
everything seems to be running behind schedule. All of our teams this
year were firmed up much later than usual....which created a domino
effect on so many details, such as buying plane tickets, working
through our pre-trip coursework with the participants on line, etc,
Our Ghanaian asst leader was not finalized until the first week of
May....we are experimenting with a new partnership on the trip this
year, which has meant more information needed for planning that is out
of our control....and because there have been some personnel changes in
the organization we work with, (Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy
and Bible Translation) that involves a learning curve for those who are
helping pull things together as well as us. Challenging....there's
another "C" word...even though this will be John's 10th Discovery trip
(the 8th for Shevawn). I love that God thinks we are up for
this.....some of the time, at least!

One thing we are Counting on are so many of you who will be
supporting us in prayer throughout our trip! As usual, we will use our
blog as our primary means of keeping you up to date on what God is
doing...and how we are responding! If you are not already subscribed
to our blog, we invite you to do so; that way our updates will be sent
to your e-mail automatically. Just go to
http://ramseydiscoveries.blogspot.com/ to set that up. We have also set
up our blog to automatically send up dates to our Facebook wall, so if
you have asked to be one of our Facebook friends, you're all set! If
neither of these options works for you, please send us an e-mail and let
us know, and we will try to send you an e-mail now and then as we are

On the back side of this letter is additional info that we trust
will be helpful to you as you pray for us. Thanks so much for your
partnership; we Can't imagine doing this without it!

Ghana Discovery Itinerary
(All is subject to and likely to change!)

June 4th-Ramseys depart for Ghana

June 8th-John, Shevawn & Maame Esi prepare for Orientation. Ghanaian
participants arrive throughout the day.

June 9th-Ghanaians students begin orientation; Ex-pats arrive throughout
the day and late into the night

June 10th-11th-Orientation in Accra

June 12th-Travel to Tamale

June 13th-17th-Orientation in Tamale

June 18th-July 16th-Participants disperse to various assignment

July 17th - 25th-Debrief in Tamale

July 26th-Travel to Accra

July 27th-August 1st-Debrief in Accra and Navigator link up; Discoverers
depart for home on final day

August 11th - Shevawn departs for US

August 12th-27th-John remains in Ghana to help lead a mission trip from
The Well; departs for US on final day.

Claudia Lopez Haro (2008 co-leader) is pictured with Maame Esi (2006
alumni) who will be our Ghanaian co-leader this year. We are so happy
to serve with her; she is going to be a
tremendous asset to our team!

Team Ingredients
12 ladies, 7 men
2 married couples (including us!)
8 Ghanaians
8 Americans
1 Canadian
1 Czechoslovakian
1 Slovakian

Prayer Requests
Joy in the journey; that we would relax and remember God is in control
always...every day!
That we would be conduits of God's love to everyone we interact
with...that we would be patient, kind and gentle to those we are
living in close proximity with.
That each person God is leading to be on this trip will make it there.
(We believe we have seen an unusual amount of spiritual warfare aimed at
taking out several of our participants this year)
For our plans to partner with the Navigators at the end of our trip.
This could be an exciting opportunity to expose Navigator students to
the work of Bible translation...and our team to their campus ministry.
Lots of details still need to be worked out in order to make this
For strength during Debrief, which is always the most tiring part of the
trip for us.
That God would work in the lives of each person on our team; that we
would all have open hearts to recognize what He wants to do in each of
us....and that He would be glorified in all!
Fruit from this and the Discovery trips to Tanzania, East Asia & South
Asia of this summer; more people who are willing and able to join in
the remaining work of Bible Translation.

Contributions may be sent to:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando FL 32862
Please designate your support "for John & Shevawn Ramsey

In His love;
John & Shevawn


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