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Dear friends;
It is Monday evening, and all is well with us here in Tamale. The last of our Discoverers departed for their assignments on Saturday; we then spent the weekend at home as John fell sick on Friday night. For several days he had felt like he was coming down with some respiratory illness, but God in His mercy allowed it not to get the best of him while he still had participants to drop at bus stations and other arrangements to make. Today he is much better; the two of us even went into town to do some shopping.
Orientation went well…no major problems to report. There are a couple of participants who we feel are going to have a more challenging time than the others adjusting to their living and working situations; we would greatly appreciate your prayers for them. Please also pray for us, that we will use these four weeks wisely; we have a lot of Discovery work to do to prepare for debrief, communicate/help other teams in progress and plan for 2010 Discovery trip locations as well as relax a bit, enjoy friends and rejuvenate so we have a lot of emotional energy to invest in our team when they return. Today we bought flour so Shevawn can do some baking; always very recharging for her! 8-)
We have a couple of wonderful surprises we are thanking the Lord for. One is that our co-leader, Maame Esi, is staying in the area and volunteering to help us during these four weeks; in the past, our co-leaders have had other jobs they had to get back to during this time. We are so excited about this…it will help us so much! The other surprise is that the GILLBT office now has wireless internet…which we can access from our room! Previous years, John would take our laptops into town or down to the office and sit for some time waiting for e-mail etc to update; this is really going to help us so much!
Before I close, we do have one additional prayer request. It seems that John’s Ghana Driving license is not packed among our stored items as he thought it was….which means that I am the only one of us with a valid license for this trip. It has been many years since I have driven in Tamale….the traffic has increased so much in recent years that I have been more than happy to leave the driving to him. Plus, I do not have the best night vision…, I would very much appreciate your prayers as I get back in the driver’s seat, as I am a bit nervous about it.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and to pray; your partnership means so much to us!
Our good friend Dimbierma celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday plays slinkey with Shevawn;-)
In His love;
Shevawn & John


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