debrief time is almost here......

Tomorrow we are expecting our first Discoverers to arrive back in Tamale, which will officially kick off our team debrief. This is a key component of our trip as it's an important part in helping them to process and integrate their trip experience into their lives. We face this time with excitement and a bit of apprehension as well. Debrief is the hardest and busiest part of the trip for us a occurs at the end of the trip when we are not quite as "fresh" as when we first arrived... and it is our longest stretch of team life (2 ½ weeks of living together with 14 young people). Here are some ways you can support us in prayer during this time:
Pray that we will relax and enjoy this time together when we are tempted to feel overwhelmed by all our leadership responsibilities and to-do list.
Pray that we will be patient and loving leaders.
Pray for strength, people energy and physical energy throughout debrief.
Pray for all of us as we adjust to being together again; the team members have gotten use to living more independently, and we have also gotten use to our own space and pace. It can be really hard for our participants to get back in the hang of coming to things on time...and that can be very wearing on leaders (Shevawn especially).
Pray for John, myself and Maame Esi as we have one-on-one interviews with each participant, that we would have wisdom and insight and communicate well with each one.
Pray for our travels and my (Shevawn’s') travel anxieties which seem to be worst during our debrief travels.
Pray for the Navigator partnership aspect of our trip, as the specifics for those four days are still very much up in the air.

We will continue to send brief updates as we are able. Thanks so much for your prayers!


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