Closing out our Ghana 2009 adventures

As a weary John calls it a night and heads off for some much needed sleep, we officially end our 2009 Ghana Discovery Team/The Well adventures.  John finished off his experiences with some pretty long and tiring traveling days, starting with a 16 hour bus trip from Tamale to Accra, in which he arrived at the Accra Guest house just 24 hours before his flight from Accra to Frankfurt, Germany lifted off.  Then he began another 24 hours of travel before he crossed the threshold of our condo in HB.  So if you don't hear from him for awhile, it's cos I am making him rest!!!!! 8-)   Soon we will begin working on a prayer letter to sum up our ministry adventures of the past 12 weeks, but until then, we just want to thank you again and again for supporting us in prayer throughout our time in Ghana.  Our times were fruitful, we were challenged and grew in many ways, and we were blessed to come back safe and healthy.  Your prayers helped sustain us and enable us throughout; may God richly bless you as your partnership with us has blessed us.
In His love;


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