Discovery Preparations

This is quoted by permission from a prayer letter of one Discovery intern... We thought you'd be interested in how the pre-trip preparations are affecting participants.  Between this week and mid June, various Discoverers will begin their trips of Discovery... Thanks for your partnership as we participate in changing lives around the world!  

" i want to share with you this time about what i'm learning in prepping for this trip. it's intense, but yes, i do have homework that is due at the end of every week! but no, i'm learning so much even before going on this trip. i've never been so 'culturally aware' as much as now, while prepping for this trip. what i mean is that through this prepping process i am learning how to be more culturally sensitive, and to be able to be more receptive to other cultures that i encounter on a daily basis. and so i want to ask you, what does it mean TO YOU to be culturally sensitive? are you??

anyways, as for prepping this trip, i would like to ask you to please continue to pray for me and the team. However this week, i think we should focus more on the people in mozambique that I will be working alongside. here are some of the requests that i can come up with so far:
1. the people please pray that God will not only prepare me and the team, but also the people there in mozambique. For God to use the people there to teach us and to make us better Christians and workers of God. Not only am i learning about being culturally sensitive and receptive, but also the fact that i am not there to necessarily teach people, or to make people to be just like me, but to just embrace the situations and circumstances that i am placed in and to utilize that to share God's love.
well that's all i can come up with for now, short but sweet!"


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