Today and tomorrow in Tamale and some prayer requests

Today the participants began preparing in earnest for their coming departure. This morning they started out discussing how to gain wisdom...focusing on how can we actually learn from what we are experiencing and then apply it to our lives. Then they talked about things they need to do before they can go out, which includes how to learn more about where they are going while in Tamale, finding out what they need to take with them and getting any needed supplies, working out their travel arrangements, as well as thinking through their part in food preparations during the four weeks they will be gone. They spend much of these two days with team leaders...and preparing. This evening, Pastor Johnson Asare will come and talk about Spiritual Warfare and what it looks like in the local context. We do this every year; it is a very important part of their orientation.
On Wednesday morning, in addition to their departure preparation, the team will spend some time talking about culture stress and ways they can deal with it. Up until now, for the most part things are exciting and fun; we call this their honeymoon period. But if they are not already beginning to struggle with some of the physical and cultural differences they are encountering, they soon will be, so we talk about what it feels like....assure them it is normal...and give them some tools to help them adjust and adapt.
Finally Wednesday evening the leaders go over some last instructions and reminders for the team, concluding with prayer time for each set of partners. Two by two we have them sit in the middle of a circle, share some prayer requests and then we all lay hands on them and pray. It is a wonderful way to end our orientation time together as a team...and send them out for four weeks in their various assignment locations.
Which brings us to a prayer request; I talked with John briefly this morning, and he said it appears that two of the projects we are sending participants out to would like their Discoverers to delay their arrival until Monday, four days later than their teammates. John would appreciate prayer for a resolution to this problem; if they are delayed, the participants will have less time to experience life and work in their assignment location, plus they will have several days of just hanging around in Tamale with little to do. Otherwise, he said all are in good health, although one lady is dealing with a possible skin infection or allergy; the biggest challenge for some of them at this point seems to be adjusting to eating different foods.
On behalf of John and the whole team.....thanks so much for your prayers!


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