Discovery Ghana Orientation

All these pictures are taken by various members of the 2010 Ghana Discovery team during our orientation week...

On a tour of the GILLBT headquarters, the non-print media department is an oasis of cool breezes, places to sit and creative ways to give scripture to people!

Discovery participants write a great team agreement!

setting a good example for Discovering something new... Green Abunu-Bunu soup with fufu eaten communally!

tropical rain storm didn't stop us from taking public transport out to eat at a a chop bar.

the quickest way to adapt to local conditions is to have some new clothes made
some important points to remember before going independently into the local market

there's lots to do at market besides buy needed items; make local friends, learn some culture and language, eat new foods and enjoy getting lost.

mentoring is a fun, natural way for everyone to learn.

the team leaders; Mr Wumbe, Maame Efua and Papa Andoh

Because orrientation and the world cup futbol coincided, our schedule had to be adapted a bit;-)
Well... there was more than one world cup game with Ghana playing that week!
Spiritual warfare talk given by Pastor Johnson Asare.

Discovery team meets their mentors at Jisonayilli Baptist Church


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