Bible Translations in many formats

Last month in Ghana our colleagues celebrated the dedication of 2 translations.  The complete Chumburung Bible was dedicated in northern Ghana!  The Chumburung language project has hosted many Discovery interns over the years and we have especially enjoyed the English translation of some of their wise & witty traditional proverbs!   

The Nkonya New Testament was dedicated and a great celebration was enjoyed by many to congratulate the Nkonyas, and to thank all those who have, collectively, laboured for 22 years to make the day possible. 
According to the Director of the Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy & Bible Translation this is a historic first for GILLBT...
"the first time that a New Testament has been dedicated in print form, at the same that it is simultaneously being made available in different formats, including on the internet and on mobile phones. This is certainly a technological leap in our work, and sets a standard for the other language projects to follow."


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