We were in Florida all last week for meetings with our Wycliffe colleagues.  Shevawn started her trip with a bonus stopover to spend a few days with a friend in NC.  John started his trip with a canceled flight leading up to a 16 hour door to door trip... we did work pretty long and hard all week, but made some progress in our programs and relationships.  We returned to California quite tired.  Right now is a crunch time for us in our Wycliffe ministry, both Shevawn & I are running just to keep up but still seem to be losing ground at the moment... we sure appreciate your prayers and support at this time. 

Spanish Moss everywhere... great warm winter weather and a lovely lake... just be careful of those alligators!

Team building games can be fun;-)

The climb up was the easiest part... walking out on the little gang plank and taking that first step into the air is fear inducing, even with all those safety harneses! That's John up there... somehow Shevawn made herself scarce during this event!


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