Ghana Discovery 2012: what's unique about this years team?

   Here we go again...which is in itself pretty amazing!  After a hard ending to last years trip, and many weeks spent in Seattle emotionally and physically invested in helping our kids through a challenging time, we are thankful and excited that we are both ready and able to go back to Ghana this summer.  
    Although we have led these trips since 1988, each year is a different experience.  Here are some of the unique aspects of Ghana 2012 (the ones that we know of before departure!)
  • We hope to have two Ghanaian Co-leaders this year instead of just one.  Naaza (who we wrote about in our last letter from the 2011 team) and Maame Esi (from the 2006 team, who also led a Discovery team with us in 2009.)  Having another Ghanaian leader will help to better balance our leadership team and lighten the load a bit for all.
  • The western portion of our team includes 2 guys (yea!) and 6 ladies, 2 of whom are from Slovakia.  (Our Ghanaian participants were still being selected as this was written).
  • All of our team will be  in projects within Ghana.
  • The Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation is celebrating their 50th anniversary throughout the year; a fun time to get to be there!
  • While Leanna and Jordan will not be in Africa this time when we are, we are looking forward to attending the wedding of our African son, Joshua Mogre, while our participants are out in their language projects.

Please pray with us :
  • That Maame Esi will get the leave time she has requested from her work so that she can serve as a co-leader...and if the Lord does not see fit to grant that, that he would provide another Ghanaian lady alumni to fill in for her.
  • For John and I as leaders: Strength, patience, endurance, patience, wisdom, patience…..and hearts filled with and overflowing with LOVE for all, but especially for any extra-love- required people we may rub shoulders with during our time in Ghana.
  • For the  Solomon Islands team, the PNG team and several individual Discoverers as well as for our team, that many will go on to further involvement with bible translation in some way after their trips are over.
And rejoice with us:
  • That we are both in great health and able to go!
  • That another missionary family who needed a place to stay  will be enjoying our condo while we are away.
Thanks so much for partnering with us  in prayer!


April D said…
Have an amazing trip, J&S! I'll be praying as God leads. :)
Thanks April, we appreciate your encouragement!

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