Historic Next-Steps

This summer seems historic in a Next-Step After Discovery sort of way (maybe we just haven’t noticed this before)
Just from our Ghana Discovery teams… 2 of our alumni are studying at the Canada Institute of LinguisticsMonica went to Ghana with us in 2004 and Jenneka in 2011. 
… also up north at the University of North Dakota people study for advanced Linguistics degrees, and we know of 4 Ghana Discovery alumni who are there right now!  
Daniel (Ghana Discovery 2005) along with his wife Julie are finishing up their Masters in Linguistics in order to serve in literacy development and Bible translation in Asia with Pioneer Bible Translators. More info about this couple on their blog:  http://www.bringinghiswordtolife.org/
Jessica (Ghana Discovery 2007) is interested in serving deaf communities and is headed toward her assignment after her training and funding team is complete.
We had 2 Emilys on Ghana Discovery 2011 and they are roommates this summer in N. Dakota in preparation for future service.
I know there are other Discovery alumni scattered around studying and preparing for service, I met Megan (2009) in Dallas some months ago where she is studying linguistics.  Roman and Katia (2006) who some of you may remember as our first Russian Discoverers in Ghana have recently completed their schooling and are raising support to serve as Bible translators.  I can imagine it is more difficult to raise funding there… if anyone reading this wants to help, we could point you in the right direction.   
Like we say often, becoming a Bible translator is a long road and it literally takes a village… we are so glad to be a small part of the journey of these people who are following their gifts, passions and training to follow where God leads them in order to help alleviate Bible Poverty in the languages of those who have waited too long. 
We remain grateful to those of you who make this ministry possible…  God knows who you are and we pray his blessings on you.     


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