Yes, there's a website devoted to being Thankful.  That's where we found out that most people seem to be thankful for the same things we're thankful for:  
People in our life: We are thankful for those of you reading this... the internet allows us to keep in touch since so many live far-far away.  We are very Thankful for all our friends & family! 
Good health and strength to serve others
God who is the giver of life and enables us to know and follow him.  We are thankful also for the Bible in our heart language.  We continue to be passionate about helping provide access to those 200 million people still waiting for scripture in their language.
Please let us know what you’re thankful for this year in the comments.
Some highlights of the full report:  
  • Unsurprisingly, the plurality of people are thankful for the people in their lives — friends, family, spouses, etc. 45.19% of the posts sampled were about people.
  • Breaking it down further, 23.58% of all sampled posts referred to friends and 20.68% referred to family/children.
  • 19.31% of posts focused on references to “self,” more specifically life experiences, health or inner strength.
  • Just below self was the “Life, Inspiration, God” category, which 19.2% of all posts referenced.


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