Sara with teammates on her Discovery trip

It’s so encouraging to hear how God is continuing to work in our alumnus lives, whether via e-mail, phone…or in person as we were able to do the beginning of this month.  That’s when we headed up to Los Angeles to visit one of the sister churches of the community we are currently a part of (Newsong).  We went to hear Sara share about her Discovery 2012 trip to Solomon Islands during their Missions Moment, taking along with us a couple of other young ladies from Newsong.   Both of these women have a heart for Japan and have previous experiences of and high interest in further cross cultural work and ministry; we seem to be attracted to these kinds of people and they to us!  After the service, we were joined by one of Sara’s friends as we all went out to a fabulous Cuban sandwich shop for lunch and much conversation.  It was so awesome to hear from Sara about how her Discovery experience has and continues to impact her life…as well as to hear more about each of these young women’s hopes and dreams as they continue along the paths God has for each of them. 

We first hung out with Sara and her  friends in May before our Discovery trips

This is what we do….and it’s the prayers and the financial support of our partners that allows us to do this on your behalf.  We are all about developing relationships with young people, both at work and in our “off” time; being a part of their lives, seeking to encourage and help guide those who want to serve God and are seeking to discern what that looks like in their lives.  When you choose to partner with us, you are helping to be a part of moving young people into all sorts of ministry, from translating the Bible to other justice ventures. If you would like more information on some of the ways you can partner with us, please write a comment here and we will be happy to get back to you!

Current Prayer Requests:
Staff transitions – The Discovery department is currently down to 1 full time and 2 part time staff; this will significantly affect the number of trips and people we can accommodate this year.  Two more staff are in the works (one part-time and one full time), but they need to raise support before joining us so it will take a while.  Trust the Lord will guide you how to pray about this situation!
Central African Republic trip – we are still looking for a French speaking leader.    Elvis, our main CAR relationship, wrote John yesterday that “We are well preparing Discovery 2013 and hope all things will go well.”
Travels – John will soon be going to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a week to visit a young couple who are starting a kingdom community among young creative Brazilians.  Pray for him to be an encouragement and blessing to that ministry.  And for this tiny mustard seed that God is planting in Sao Paulo to grow and becomes a tree, and the birds to make nests in its branches. (Luke 13:19).  Shevawn will also be doing some traveling, but heading in the other direction (Seattle, WA) to help out as Leanna’s completes her current school term.

And our prayers for you That this Christmas season will be a time of great joy for you and yours as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior!


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