While John was adventuring in Brazil, I was having adventures of my own in Seattle.  My daughter was working hard on her end of term papers and my son-in-law was working 6 day weeks at his job, so I volunteered to come and spend time hanging out with baby George, otherwise known as the Little Scientist.  George spends his days exploring and learning....and has enough energy to tire out several adults! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from my time there:

Always on the move....
...as we wait for a dr apt.

Walks in the stroller were a favorite activity, when weather permitted...


and when it didn't, strollers could be found in the mall!  (Thanks to grandma coach
Sally Evans who mentored me on some tricks of the trade!)

I wish I had a video for this one; George frequently bounces up and down while in this position, attaining
quite a bit of height at a very fast rate.  Try it for yourself; it's not an easy move and it's very tiring!

It was so wonderful to be able to spend so much time with George and his family...and to remember again and again the gift of God's wonderful grace and mercy that George is here with us and doing so well in every way.  George is one of the best gifts ever!


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