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Exciting news is flowing around the Discovery office these days.  Let me explain.
Recently in our newsletter we reported that:

"We are thankful that two other people are looking to join us and are currently raising support to do so, but it will be months before they are able to begin working in Discovery."

Those 2 people are still planning to join our staff... and well, here's an update since then.

Recently a Discovery alumni from way back in 2001 who became a Bible translator in SE Asia has returned to the USA due to family issues.  She is looking for a part-time Wycliffe ministry assignment in S. California, so she visited our office and we had a lovely time together talking about how she could help increase our capacity by joining our staff.  We agreed to pray for wisdom for her as she considers this as well as her other assignment options.

And even more recently I talked to this Discovery alumni couple who are currently raising support to serve Wycliffe in SE Asia.  We discussed the possibility of them serving as part-time Discovery field coordinators in addition to the other ministry assignments they have already agreed to do once they arrive on the field.

None of these are yet a sure thing by any means.  But if you had heard the passion and desire of these alumni to again be involved with Discovery, I'm sure you would share our excitement at the thought of how God just might put some of these possibilities together into realities.

Please join us in prayer for these (and other) Discovery alumni as they seek to follow God's leading into various ministries which serve the bibleless communities of the world.  


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