1 year anniversary

Some of you might remember one year ago we moved the Discovery office... and the reason was that the building where we were leasing space was sold (again... after Wycliffe sold it around 2000 and moved to FL) and scheduled to be demolished as early as June 2012... so we moved in late March to enable us to get a bit settled in a new office before the always hectic preparations for a 2 month Discovery trip.  Well it took a bit longer to demolish but one day in January, we got this view of the building without a roof...

I couldn't help but marvel at the process of taking apart a building that had stood for over 30 years to recycle the materials for other uses... 

This is the former "Discovery corner" of the building

The flag pole's last stand

Note the distinct absence of the guest lodge which was a huge part of our ministry when we first moved to Huntington Beach in 1995 to serve as the Housing and Hospitality hosts for Wycliffe USA
The former Wycliffe apartments on the right with the remnant of the basketball hoop where our teenagers used to spend hours perfecting their 3 point shots.  


Glenn Davies said…
I'm pretty sure that's where we stayed when we left Ghana in 1996... do you have any "before" pictures when the guest lodge was standing?
Yes Glenn, I also remember you guys coming through HB. I can't find any "before" pictures at the moment though.

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