Sometimes Discovery is so romantic!

Discovery Alumni Update:
In 2011 we organized a Discovery trip to Indonesia where there are a few Discovery alumni (some from our first trip to Ghana in 1998, and a few more from later trips) working and they hosted a Discovery team.

David (pictured below) was one of the team members. David is Australian and a chemist with a background and interest in Indonesian Studies.  Lilian (also pictured below) is Brazilian and was already a part of the Wycliffe team working in Indonesia when David showed up with the Discovery team.

Well... that's how they met and started their friendship.... which (after much travel to their respective home countries) led to an engagement!  David is pursuing further studies required for him to join Wycliffe Australia and he is currently back in Indonesia getting involved in various aspects of the language project work. In David's own words:  "Discovery 2011 will have a long legacy!! :)"


Anonymous said…
What an amazing couple! I'm so thankful for that Discovery Trip and its many positive outcomes.

Thanks and blessings to the Ramseys and other facilitators and supporters of the Wycliffe Discovery Program!

Steph R
Part of the joy in Discovery is working with amazing people! We also couldn't do it without team leaders and project hosts:-) So we thank you too Steph!

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