For those of you who follow our blog you may have noticed that we've been having some technical problems the past few weeks which have prevented us from updating here as regularly as we try to do. We are hopeful that we are finally back on track now with our weekly updates!

We recently returned from our latest trip to Seattle; although we were not able to see everyone we would have liked to, we were able to spend time with ten of our supporters, John was able to keep up on what he needed to in Discovery and we had lots of good connecting time with our family as well as some lovely down time.   Here are a few photos from our time there:

George walking his grandparents
Three generations celebrating our daughter's birthday

We got to hang out with Dani Shaw; Discovery alumni 2010 who is getting ready to head to Uganda with Africa Inland Missions

It was so much fun introducing George to some of our supporters and family members for the first time!


We spent more time than usual at playgrounds...and George
wasn't the only one having fun!
While we were playing in Seattle, John was also working on this year’s trip to Africa, which continues to be full of surprises.  In the space of just one week, he went from having 5 team participants, to 6….and then down to 4!  Hopefully that will be the last of the participant fluctuations, both because there really needs to be at least 4 participants to make the trip viable financially and they have recently begun their weekly pre-orientation together.  We appreciate your prayers for the Benin team; for John as he works on learning French and for the other team participants as they work on their pre-trip orientation and raise funds.


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