Someone new has come to Discovery, and we couldn’t be more excited!  We have the pleasure of introducing to you Elizabeth, who has been with us in California this week training to take on her new position as a Discovery Trip Coordinator.

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Education.  She taught 6th-8th grade for 1 ½ years, and then joined Wycliffe in 2005 for a 2-year assignment with  ‘One Story.’  During that time, she worked in a South Asian country, crafting 29 Biblically accurate, culturally relevant oral Bible stories for the ‘Kahani’ people group.  Since then she has worked on a number of different projects within Wycliffe, from  travelling to colleges in the USA to share about her experiences in South Asia to numerous trips back and forth to South Asia as she has helped coordinate 6 mother-tongue teams as they completed oral story projects in their own languages and as a storying consultant.  This past November  2012, Elizabeth accepted an Instructional Designer position at Wycliffe Headquarters in Orlando, Florida where she worked to provide effective training tools for departments within Wycliffe...which is where she heard of the Discovery department’s needs for additional staff .  I’m sure you can see why we were so thrilled when she recently informed us of her decision to begin working with us in Discovery; what a resume!

Elizabeth writes: I am looking forward to working with John and Shevawn, who have ‘been there, done that’ for many years!  I’m excited to learn from their expertise, and share in this adventure with them.”  We are looking forward to learning from Elizabeth and her experiences as well!  You can learn more about Elizabeth by reading her blog at:  and you can see a Wycliffe produced video about her here:

   Also joining us in Discovery later this summer as part-time staff is Christine, but we’ll have to wait to tell you more about her another time.   We are growing….yay!


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