Training new Discovery staff.....Southern California style!

So last week Elizabeth came to California to learn about her new job in Discovery and to get to know her new colleagues.  Here's a taste of what our five days together looked like:
First trip to the office...via bicycles, of course!

One evening we down to Main Street for the weekly Farmers market where Elizabeth experienced some of the local culture.  It was fun to see things we have grown use to through new eyes!

On a day when the sun came out, we made sure to include a walk on the beach...
...after we picked up TK burgers, which we ate on a bench overlooking the ocean!

And just to prove we did spend SOME time actually in the office, here Ryan, Elizabeth and Shevawn read from one of our favorite Devotional resources: Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.

The morning Elizabeth left we went down to the beach one more time for a last look at the surfers and a breakfast at Bruxies, the new waffle eatery in town.


We had a lot of fun with Elizabeth, and we are really looking forward to continuing to Discover together!


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