And he's off!

Just minutes ago the shuttle arrived, and John officially transitioned from planning the Benin Discovery trip to beginning least for him.  Four of the team participants will begin their journey to join him on Monday...and after talking to Jacques yesterday, it sounds like there will be 4 Beninois participants there as well to join them.  So exciting!  Jacques told John yesterday that he is hoping that Benin Discovery will become for Francophone Africa what Ghana Discovery has become for Anglophone Africa.  Wouldn't that be wonderful!

John will update us after he arrives....although he may or may not have internet access before Monday.  Meanwhile, please be praying for him and Jacques as they have a lot of planning to do together before they begin Orientation with their team.  Thanks!


These are great photos of Mr. Wumbe at the start of an adventure! Love you, and praying for you both, for Jaques, and for the Discoverers!

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