Discover Benin Week 1

We have quite a good team of Discoverers this year... and so far the consensus is that we all like each other.  Most of our orientation looked a bit like this, with lots of discussions in the conference room of Wycliffe Benin.  We are a bilingual/multicultural team so as you might imagine, things take a bit longer to communicate than anticipated.    

There have been so-so many surprises and Discoveries even in this short and busy week of orientation.  The above picture was taken of John's lunch Discovery when he ordered "Chep" at the "Restaurant Vegetalien Peace Food"  Yes... a vegetarian restaurant in Cotonou... and it seems to be quite popular with Beninois!

Cotonou is a city filled with motorcycles, and we are all learning as we experience the transportation system.

Today most of our Discoverers start their ministry assignments, I know they would appreciate your prayers as they travel and adjust to another location, another language, another culture and new relationships. Please also  pray for the necessary arrangements to come together soon for our 2   participants who are still in Cotonou.


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