Discover Benin Week 2

We finished our debrief week in Cotonou on 22nd July.  Our team then divided into 3 parts.  Four Discovers traveled (as expected) on Tuesday 23rd to the city of Dassa about 125 miles from Cotonou to serve in the Idaasha language project.  Two Discoverers are serving at the Wycliffe Benin headquarters in Cotonou (the economic capital of Benin)... and the final 2 (pictured below) whom I asked you to pray for in my last update finally traveled on 25th July to the Saxwè project, a 2 hour drive from Cotonou.  

One of the Bible translators in the Saxwè language project is a Discovery alumni :-)  I heard that when he heard some Discoverers were coming to serve in this project for a month, he said: "Discovery is a very dangerous program" (He was a Discoverer to Ghana in 1995) I hope to meet him and learn more of his story of how he came to serve in Benin!  

So much is going on that I have not kept you all as up to date as I wanted to... but here are a few more happenings from the past few days:

  • 1 -Number of Benin Discoverers with confirmed malaria so far: (they are taking a treatment and are feeling much better today)
  • 2 -Number of cars crushed yesterday in front of the church I attended yesterday when a semi-trailer truck tipped over on a narrow street during service.
  • 0 -Number of people sent to hospital from above mentioned accident!
  • 52 -Known languages in Benin
  • 10 -Languages in Benin have Full Bibles   
  • 8 - Languages have a New Testament

Please continue to pray for our 8 Discoverers and the host families they are staying with.


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